Agrifac - AiCPlus

AiCPlus camera system

Camera system with Artificial Intelligence

Agrifac presents the new AiCPlus camera system with integrated Artificial Intelligence to act upon the detected data. 

Scan, Learn, Act, Learn

AicPlus - Camerasysteem agrifac

Looking at a plant to determine its NEEDs and subsequently fulfilling that need is nothing novel, this is what farmers have been doing since the invention of agriculture more than 5000 years ago. However, the number of qualified, capable people with these skills is decreasing, and for the ones possessing this ability, it’s hard (or even impossible) to stay alert the entire day - this is where AiCPlus, pronounced as “I See Plus,” comes to play.

AiCPlus, with AI also standing for Artificial Intelligence, is Agrifac’s first camera system with integrated Artificial Intelligence to interpret what is seen, just like farmers do. The different algorithms in AiCPlus are not only developed by engineers; they are also trained by the farmers, ensuring that AiCPlus makes the same decisions the farmer would.

The intelligent AiCPlus cameras are mounted directly on the boom, and the system processes and analyses the crop directly. Without the need for offline and time-consuming processing, required rates can be applied directly with the help of DynamicDosePlus.

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