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EcoTronicPlus II control system

Crop is central, ease of use comes first

EcoTronicPlus IIThe use of Agrifac products must be self-evident, understandable, simple and effective. A machine that you fall in love with at first sight and simply have to have. By further developing the previous EcoTronicPlus and enhancing it in terms of ease of use and clarity, it is even more desirable. Important settings can be executed in one step. You have a clear overview of what you have done and still have to do - so the user and the machine can rely on each other.

Intuitive, straightforward and fast operation

EcoTronicPlus IIWho doesn't use a smartphone these days? Clear display, easy to use, innovative and you can swipe through the different screens. With this ease of use and intuitive operation in mind, Agrifac set to work, not to equal it, but to surpass it and use it as the basis for the new EcoTronicPlus II.

The entire EcoTronicPlus operating concept consists of an armrest with buttons, touchpad, numeric keypad and joystick. The entire dashboard is now also fully designed in-house and further integrated with the screen. Even greater ease of use, everything within reach, and the ability to see and adjust settings even faster.

EcoTronicPlus II agrifac

  1. The buttons that are needed for all of the functions to start the sprayer, as well as to drive off, operate the stairs, and activate the parking brake are stored on the armrest in an arc. In the field, these controls are used to prepare everything for spraying.
  2. The joystick contains all of the functions that are needed during spraying and road transport. Spraying, boom balance, geometry and cruise control are activated from the joystick. Moving the joystick forward increases the speed, moving it backward decreases the speed. It is no longer necessary to slide the handle, making the operation easier and more precise.
  3. A touchpad enables you to zoom in and out of a view and swipe between the different screens.
  4. A numeric keypad enables you to immediately display the essential functions on your screen and enter the right value, or you can use the jog wheel to find the right setting. The numeric keypad detects your hands as they approach and the options you can select display on the screen.

There are also 4 buttons that remember the most frequently set values per option so you can store them in the memory of the EcoTronicPlus II instead of entering them every time you need them.

The screen is still a touchscreen, but the controls are now fully integrated in the armrest. The screen is positioned so that you have an optimal view of both the work and the screen without leaving your chair.

Clearer and bigger screen

It is important that the operator know at all times what is happening on the field, in the machine, what the various parameters are, etc. Without the screen getting cluttered. Which information the operator sees on the main screen is up to the operator himself. The display can show no information, or just the machine and the field, or an overview of everything that is happening. From the liquid flow diagram (one of the many advantages of the current EcoTronicPlus) all the way through to the current positions and settings; everything is easy to see and zoom into.

Furthermore, the screen on the EcoTronicPlus II has been considerably enlarged and can be positioned for optimal viewing and still be easy to read due to the size of the screen. The screen is less cluttered and also personalisable. The screen always displays the sprayer and the field. Swiping shows the other screens with information about the machine, settings or the screen with the liquid flow diagram that you are already familiar with.

The EcoTronicPlus II terminal gives a realistic picture of what is happening on the field. Up to 25 cm precision on what has been and has not been sprayed with the right quantity. A quiet colour scheme and logical simple symbols make the machine even more fun to work with.

With the new EcoTronicPlus II, the crop and the field are central, not the machine.

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