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SmartDosePlus injection system

Mixing of spray liquid just before application

When finishing a spray job, you want to have a clean machine with no rest liquid left. SmartDosePlus makes this possible by injecting the plant protection agents directly into the spray line. The spraying mix is only made when necessary, without contaminating the main water tank, therefore taking clean water and mixing on the go.

SmartDosePlus AgrifacAgrifac’s GreenFlowPlus spraying system, with compactly built pump set and complete boom circulation, already has minimal rest liquid, e.g., no liquid in the tank. SmartDosePlus reduces the amount of rest liquid even further, by injecting and mixing the agents directly in the spray system. The main water tank only contains clean water, making cleaning of the spray system a quick and easy job. The new smart design of the valves in the pump set, in combination with Brilliant Simple control software, allows SmartDosePlus to have full boom circulation and priming before the spraying begins, which means no sediment and spray triangles.

When taking care of plants according to the NEED Farming concept, i.e., at a plant level, it becomes harder, or even impossible, to know the amount of spray mix needed in advance. With SmartDosePlus there is no need to refill and make a new mix when switching between fields which saves time. And with AiCPlus it is impossible to know the amount of spray mix needed in advance. With SmartDosePlus, however, this does not matter, because the right amount and concentration are made on the go during spraying. No matter if one or all nozzles are open, the dose is always right.

SmartDosePlus also allows for side application of an agent. For example, when spraying a field for disease prevention, a curative agent can be applied to the infected spots.

All and all, SmartDosePlus increases the efficiency, economy, ergonomics, and ecology - Agrifac’s “4e for growers”.

Reasons for varying tank mix ratios

A: Along a forest. The crops stays wet for longer, resulting in higher fungicide risk. Thus extra protection is need here, but not on the rest of the field.

B: Changing the mix ratio along the border of a field. Reducing the change of run-off and drift towards a neighbouring field or body of water for one compound and not for the other. Or changing the amount of water, so spraying can be done with coarser droplets.

C: Curative agent applied at infected spot.

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